Hi there!

I'm Justin. Welcome to my personal site and blog. This is where I collect the various projects that I've been working on and write about them. (Secretly, this is just so that I have a place I can quickly look up online when I forget how I did something). I hope you find things here that are useful to you.

Recent Posts

Writing an Entelect Challenge bot in Rust

02 May 2018

A Rust command line app with JSON parsing

Monte Carlo Simulations

28 Mar 2018

A nifty algorithm to exploit probability and skip tricky maths

What's a WASM?

06 Mar 2018

What is WebAssembly and how do you use it from Rust?

Why functional programmers should care about Rust

11 Feb 2018

Sometimes, systems programming is necessary.

Happy 2018: A stereotypical new years post

15 Jan 2018

Why do I blog? Where am I going with this site?

Using Git for Incremental Backups

21 Dec 2017

Secure, incremental backups of folders of text-based data


Rusty Microphone
Nina Worthe, bespoke portraiture
South African ID Number Parser and Validator
Interactive Pacbot