Hi there!

I'm Justin. Welcome to my personal site and blog. This is where I collect the various projects that I've been working on and write about them. (Secretly, this is just so that I have a place I can quickly look up online when I forget how I did something). I hope you find things here that are useful to you.

Recent Posts

Multi-platform Rust and Emscripten-Specific Functions

10 Oct 2017

Platform-specific code in an otherwise platform-independent Rust application

A Quick Introduction to Graphviz

19 Sep 2017

An awesome tool for software documentation and visualizing graphs

Writing Git Hooks using Rust

29 Aug 2017

Replacing a shells script with strongly typed Rust code

Rusty Microphone

14 Aug 2017

A retrospective on a Rust audio signal processing program I wrote

I'm presenting at Lambda Luminaries on 14 Aug 2017

30 Jul 2017

I'm speaking about a Rust signal processing project I've been working on

A Rusty Tale Part 2

11 Jul 2017

Multithreading in Rust Part 2: Pointers to Shared Memory


Nina Worthe, bespoke portraiture
South African ID Number Parser and Validator
Interactive Pacbot