Hi there!

I'm Justin. Welcome to my personal site and blog. This is where I collect the various projects that I've been working on and write about them. (Secretly, this is just so that I have a place I can quickly look up online when I forget how I did something). I hope you find things here that are useful to you.

Recent Posts


17 Jun 2018

Learning about Assembly with Games

Literate Programming

28 May 2018

Empower your Writing with Emacs Org-Mode

Writing an Entelect Challenge bot in Rust

02 May 2018

A Rust command line app with JSON parsing

Monte Carlo Simulations

28 Mar 2018

A nifty algorithm to exploit probability and skip tricky maths

What's a WASM?

06 Mar 2018

What is WebAssembly and how do you use it from Rust?

Why functional programmers should care about Rust

11 Feb 2018

Sometimes, systems programming is necessary.


Rusty Microphone
Nina Worthe, bespoke portraiture
South African ID Number Parser and Validator
Interactive Pacbot