I'm presenting at Lambda Luminaries on 14 Aug 2017
I'm speaking about a Rust signal processing project I've been working on

30 July 2017

I’m going to be speaking at the Lambda Luminaries meetup in Sandton on 14 August about a Rust project I’ve been hacking on. The project that I’m talking about is Rusty Microphone, a Rust application I’ve written to listen to me while I’m playing the trumpet, and give me real time feedback on my intonation.

Lambda Luminaries is a meetup group for functional programming enthusiasts. Come through if you’re interested in Rust and/or functional programming.

The meetup kicks off at 6pm, at Jemstep by Invesco. If you’re going to attend, please do RSVP through the meetup page.

For those who can’t attend, I’ll be doing a writeup of my presentation and posting it on this site after the event.

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