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Illustrate your Point with Literate Programming

07 May 2019

Using Graphviz in Org-Mode

What's in a Name?

24 Mar 2019

TLDR: Worthe is out, Wernick is in

Implementing a Bitwise Simulation

06 Jan 2019

For making a simulation that's really fast and near incomprehensible

Compile Time Feature Flags in Rust

18 Nov 2018

Toggling feature flags when you compile for zero runtime cost

Property Based Testing

08 Nov 2018

Ensuring that my super fast simulation was simulating the right thing

Going Four Times Faster using Multi-Threading

03 Oct 2018

Rust makes writing parallel code safe. Rayon makes it easy.

Performance Tuning in Rust using Benchmarking and Perf

23 Sep 2018

How do you take a program, and make it do the same thing faster?

Coding for the Win

19 Sep 2018

How I Built a Tower Defence Bot


21 Aug 2018

Native desktop apps are dead - long live native desktop apps!

Game Programming Inspires My Software Development

28 Jul 2018

Using game programming to benefit non-game software


17 Jun 2018

Learning about Assembly with Games

Literate Programming

28 May 2018

Empower your Writing with Emacs Org-Mode

Writing an Entelect Challenge bot in Rust

02 May 2018

A Rust command line app with JSON parsing

Monte Carlo Simulations

28 Mar 2018

A nifty algorithm to exploit probability and skip tricky maths

What's a WASM?

06 Mar 2018

What is WebAssembly and how do you use it from Rust?

Why functional programmers should care about Rust

11 Feb 2018

Sometimes, systems programming is necessary.

Happy 2018: A stereotypical new years post

15 Jan 2018

Why do I blog? Where am I going with this site?

Using Git for Incremental Backups

21 Dec 2017

Secure, incremental backups of folders of text-based data

The Fundamentals of Version Control

29 Nov 2017

What's that commit thing all about?

Error Reporting from your Systemd Automation

07 Nov 2017

Having stuff magically happen in the background is fantastic, but what about when it goes wrong?

Multi-platform Rust and Emscripten-Specific Functions

10 Oct 2017

Platform-specific code in an otherwise platform-independent Rust application

A Quick Introduction to Graphviz

19 Sep 2017

An awesome tool for software documentation and visualizing graphs

Writing Git Hooks using Rust

29 Aug 2017

Replacing a shells script with strongly typed Rust code

Rusty Microphone

14 Aug 2017

A retrospective on a Rust audio signal processing program I wrote

I'm presenting at Lambda Luminaries on 14 Aug 2017

30 Jul 2017

I'm speaking about a Rust signal processing project I've been working on

A Rusty Tale Part 2

11 Jul 2017

Multithreading in Rust Part 2: Pointers to Shared Memory

A Rusty Tale of Shared Memories and Passed Messages

19 Jun 2017

Multithreading in Rust Part 1: Channels

A love poem to the mechanical keyboard

30 May 2017

Mechanical keyboards are great. Try one if you can.

Backups are a form of Risk Management

11 May 2017

Learn from my mistake, and think about the risks being managed

Updated Thoughts on using GTK in Rust

25 Apr 2017

I've used it a little bit more now, and my opinions have developed

The Script I Use to Deploy My Website

09 Apr 2017

Automated deployments, static websites, and a little bit of FTP

Tail Recursion

28 Mar 2017

That little compiler optimization for better recursion

Reflections on the IT Industry

15 Mar 2017

A careful consideration of the placement of QR codes

What Note Is This? Part 2

26 Feb 2017

Taking a signal from a microphone, and making sense of it musically

Validating a South African ID Number in Javascript

12 Feb 2017

I've needed to do this a few times, so I've published a library for it

What Note Is This? Part 1

29 Jan 2017

What is sound, and how do I use it in a program?

Aliasing Traits in Rust

15 Jan 2017

A bit more scaffolding can sometimes simplify your generics

What's in a Generic Number Type?

05 Jan 2017

Pick a number, any typeof number

Development in the Open

22 Dec 2016

Do we really need to hide unfinished code?

My first GUI with GTK and Rust

23 Oct 2016

Figuring out how to do the most basic of things

Static Website Generation with Jekyll

21 Sep 2016

What is a Jekyll and why should I care?

I've been using Emacs for about a year now

02 Sep 2016

What I've been doing with it and which packages I've been using

Automated Syncing with Git

13 Aug 2016

Syncing folders with Git Sync and Systemd

All about Rust

03 Aug 2016

the programming language, not the game

A scipt to convert Striata statements to PDF

20 Jul 2016

it's a bit of a hack, but maybe someone else can use it too

So I've been learning Emacs...

10 Oct 2015

Once you stop hating it, it's actually quite good

Building a Computer from Parts

25 Jul 2015

A retrospective

Open Source Recording

16 Jun 2015

Recording Music for YouTube using Open Source Software

Getting Started with Angular JS

12 Jun 2015

A brief introduction to the fundamentals

An Open/Closed Icon in Angular JS

07 Mar 2015

A few examples of how to show that a panel is minimized

Return to C++

04 Jan 2015

Applying new experience to a language I haven't used in a long time

Bitwise JavaScript

16 Dec 2014

Using Bitwise Operations in JavaScript for No Good Reason