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I run this website as a hobby and at my own expense. While I do enjoy it, producing quality content takes a lot of time. If you’d like to support me in this endeavour, this page is a collection of ways that you can do so.

Nina Worthe - Bespoke Portraiture

My partner, Nina, paints beautiful portraits. If you have been considering getting that photo of you and your dog onto a canvas above your fireplace, go check out Nina’s website. She can make it happen.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

I have a Bitcoin wallet setup to receive donations for the site. I like the idea of Bitcoins generally, but haven’t done much in terms of buying or using them up to now.

The address is 13o71yzSt31wfD7sWVBRKDajN8eMri6mVK.

I also have an Ethereum wallet setup to receive ETH. Its address is 0x68909b4b5E40f4FdD700aEC1a3dab23fFb34300A.


I’ve written before about backups, and how I manage mine. Something that I consider important in my own backups is to have an off site copy of important data. Backblaze have a really good cloud backup option.

If you sign up with this link and decide you want to keep using Backblaze, they will give me a free month on my own backups.


The last time I went looking for a new job, I went through Offerzen. They are a South African software developer job finding site. The whole process worked really smoothly from start to finish.

If you are looking for a new development job, and sign up using this link, they’ll send me a referral fee.


If you want to support my work on this site in some other way, you can write to me at