Hi there!

I'm Justin. Welcome to my personal site and blog. This is where I collect the various projects that I've been working on and write about them. (Secretly, this is just so that I have a place I can quickly look up online when I forget how I did something). I hope you find things here that are useful to you.

Recent Posts

Compile Time Feature Flags in Rust

18 Nov 2018

Toggling feature flags when you compile for zero runtime cost

Property Based Testing

08 Nov 2018

Ensuring that my super fast simulation was simulating the right thing

Going Four Times Faster using Multi-Threading

03 Oct 2018

Rust makes writing parallel code safe. Rayon makes it easy.

Performance Tuning in Rust using Benchmarking and Perf

23 Sep 2018

How do you take a program, and make it do the same thing faster?

Coding for the Win

19 Sep 2018

How I Built a Tower Defence Bot


21 Aug 2018

Native desktop apps are dead - long live native desktop apps!

Game Programming Inspires My Software Development

28 Jul 2018

Using game programming to benefit non-game software


Rusty Microphone
Nina Worthe, bespoke portraiture
South African ID Number Parser and Validator
Interactive Pacbot